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weather_furs's Journal

Weather Furs
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Hello to all the weather loving furs out there.

This community is for furs to put up their weather stories, photos, movies, or to just discuss the weather with other furs. Doesn't matter what kind of weather it is. ^_^

Just a few rules:

1. Keep the posts on the subject of weather. This isn't an ad posting place, unless it pertains in some way to weather forcasting or weather in general.
2. Respect all members. Nobody likes a troll or a flamer, and even in the least drama ridden communities, they do happen. Be nice and enjoy the sunshine, storm, or whatever floats your boat.
3. Keep all pictures not under 300x300 under a cut for those with slower connections. We don't want to break the interwebs here. ;) We furries live of it.
4. Enjoy the weather stories and pics.

Weather can be beautiful.
Weather can be destructive.
Weather can be awe inspiring.
Weather is all around.

Enjoy it...