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Tornado Chase July 30th, 2009

This chase was a short one, but it yielded the first actual pictures of a tornado that I have ever captured. I set up just south of the Wolfchase Mall just before 4:30 pm and proceeded to wait for the storm to reach me. There had been reports of the rotation weakening in the area of the storm I was chasing, but I stayed there just in case. Plus, the way the clouds were rotating around the mesocyclone, I though, "Weakening, my ass. :P"

Before long, the winds started to pick up and I looked to the west, expecting nothing as usual, but before long, I caught sight of a red flash. I pulled around the building to see a whitish-blue flash and the tornado on the ground. To be honest, this was too close for comfort, so I snapped a quick picture before I floored the throttle on the car and raced the opposite way down Germantown Parkway. Before too long, my car was being battered by at least 80 mph winds and driving rain as the tornado passed over the road about half a mile to my north. The car sustained no damage and I was able to drive home safely.

Here is the photo I managed to snap which has been used on local news casts. It was taken facing west as the tornado approached. I snapped it out the passenger side window as I was preparing to put my escape route to good use.

Also, there were no serious injuries or deaths from this tornado, which is fantastic. Especially considering that it occured during rush hour when many people were supposed to be heading home. This was to be honest my most exciting chase and the first chase where I have actually caught an image of the tornado. Yet this was a learning experience in positioning and I will use that knowledge for the next chase.

Blackie out.

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